Textbook for the Hydraulics I course

Mott: Applied Fluid Mechanics (3rd edition).

This BSc textbook covers closely the topics of the lecture. Concepts covered in the practicals and used in the midterm tests are also excellently explained with lots of problems.

Used and new copies of this textbook and its electronic version are available from several sources. Five copies of edition 3 are available in the Textbook Reading Room (ground floor 53 in building K) of the University Library; therefore we use this edition (written by Robert L. Mott only) as the 'official' one for this course. However, all later editions are also fine for our purpose. The current edition (as of 2015) is the 7th from 2014 by Robert L. Mott and Joseph A. Untener (ISBN-10: 0132558920, ISBN-13: 9780132558921). The SI-only version of the 6th edition (ISBN-10: 0131976435, ISBN-13: 9780131976436) is from 2006; other editions use several unit systems, including the US customary system.

In case you decide to purchase either a used or new copy of the textbook, please consider donating it to the Library after your passing the exam in order to help fellow students in future semesters.

Other textbooks recommended for background knowledge in hydraulics and fluid mechanics