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1. Introduction

What is geodesy? 

  • determination of the size and figure of the Earth

What is (land) surveying?

  • taking measurements to get the position of natural and man-made features on or below or above the Earth’s surface, and developing maps or databases or spatial models to present this information. 
  • setting out buildings, geometric control of constructions, deformation and movement detection. Engineering surveying.
  • developing land registry map. Preparing documentation used in processes to change technical data in cadaster. Setting out real property boundaries. Cadastral surveying

Why does an architect need it?

  • for designing they need large scale maps or plans. This map must be managed together with land registry maps, public utility maps and other products as well.
  • on constructions, they need to set out points, lines, planes ... in order that engineering works can be located in their planned and correct positions
  • during building operation, they might need movement detection for instance
  • architects working for authorities need to manage products of land surveying. Process of planning permission, for instance