Subject Datasheet

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I. Subject Specification

1. Basic Data
1.1 Title
Numerical modeling project
1.2 Code
1.3 Type
Module with associated contact hours
1.4 Contact hours
Type Hours/week / (days)
Seminar 2
1.5 Evaluation
Midterm grade
1.6 Credits
1.7 Coordinator
name Dr. Sándor Ádány
academic rank Associate professor
1.8 Department
Department of Structural Mechanics
1.9 Website
1.10 Language of instruction
hungarian and english
1.11 Curriculum requirements
Recommended elective in the Specialization in Numerical modelling, Strcutural Engineering (MSc) programme
1.12 Prerequisites
1.13 Effective date
5 February 2020

2. Objectives and learning outcomes
2.1 Objectives
The goal of the subject is that the students solve a civil engineering problem the complexity of which is in accordance with the level of the MSc course and with the credit and time-frame of the subject. The problem should be solved by high level application of some analytical or numerical method (e.g., finite element method). The problem is solved by the individual work of the student, helped by a tutor.
2.2 Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, the student:
A. Knowledge
  1. has deep knowledge about the theoretical (e.g., mathematical, mechanical) background of the solved problem
  2. will learn the options, advantages, disadvantages and application constraints of the selected solution technique
B. Skills
  1. is able for the high level application of the method selected for the solution of the problem
  2. is able to evaluate the results of the solution and to draw proper conclusions,
C. Attitudes
  1. is intent on the precise and error-free problem solving,
  2. pursues the precise self-expression in oral communication,
  3. aspires to prepare a well-organized high-level documentation in writings, in accordance with the expectation of the engineering practice,
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  1. is intent on solving the problems autonomously.
2.3 Methods
Individual assignment, oral and written communication, application of IT tools and technologies.
2.4 Course outline
Week Topics of projectwork consultations
1. Introduction, explanation of the work to be done
2. Consultation
3. 1. partial results
4. Consultation
5. 1. progress presentation
6. Consultation
7. Half time analysis
8. Consultation
9. Consultation
10. 2. progress presentation
11. Consultation
12. Consultation
13. Evaluation of final results
14. Presentation of final results

The above programme is tentative and subject to changes due to calendar variations and other reasons specific to the actual semester. Consult the effective detailed course schedule of the course on the subject website.
2.5 Study materials
Online materials: manual of the selected software(s)
2.6 Other information
It is helpful to own a computer for the continuous progress with the work.
2.7 Consultation

The instructors are available for consultation during their office hours, as advertised on the department website. Special appointments can be requested via e-mail:

This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2023/2024 semester II

II. Subject requirements

Assessment and evaluation of the learning outcomes
3.1 General rules
Evaluation of learning outcomes described in Section 2.2. is based on the submission of a homework, the active participation on the consultations and the presentation of the homework.
3.2 Assessment methods
Evaluation formAbbreviationAssessed learning outcomes
Homework (continuous partial check)HWA.1-A.2; B.1-B.2; C.1-C.3; D.1

The dates of deadlines of assignments/homework can be found in the detailed course schedule on the subject’s website.
3.3 Evaluation system
3.4 Requirements and validity of signature
There is no signature from the subject.
3.5 Grading system
Final grade is determined from the Á percentage of the homework according to section 3.3.
GradePoints (A)
excellent (5)80%≤A
good (4)70%≤A<80%
satisfactory (3)60%≤A<70%
passed (2)50%≤A<60%
failed (1)A<50%
3.6 Retake and repeat
There is no delayed submission oppurtunity for the homework.
3.7 Estimated workload
preparation of the homework14×6=84
presentation of the homework2
study of the assigned written sources36
3.8 Effective date
5 February 2020
This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2023/2024 semester II