Subject Datasheet

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I. Subject Specification

1. Basic Data
1.1 Title
Bachelor Thesis Project
1.2 Code
1.3 Type
Module without associated contact hours
1.4 Contact hours
Type Hours/week / (days)
Consultation 1
1.5 Evaluation
Midterm grade
1.6 Credits
1.7 Coordinator
name Dr. Vigh L. Gergely
academic rank Associate professor
1.8 Department
Dean's Office
1.9 Website
1.10 Language of instruction
1.11 Curriculum requirements
Compulsory in the Civil Engineering (BSc) programme
1.12 Prerequisites
Parallel prerequisites:
  • Preparatory Course for Bachelor thesis project (BMEEOHSA-PT)
1.13 Effective date
5 February 2020

2. Objectives and learning outcomes
2.1 Objectives
The student should prove that he/she has acquired the knowledge and fulfilled the general requirements required by the BSc programme. The Bachelor Thesis project course establishes the frame to the special workflow for structural engineering
The subject of the Bachelor Thesis project is from within the domain of structural engineering in accordance with the outcome requirements.
2.2 Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, the student:
A. Knowledge
  1. knows the general rules, relations and methods of mathematics and natural sciences used in the domain of civil engineering,
  2. knows the basic theories, relations and their terminology used by the structural engineer’s domain,
  3. acquires a deeper knowledge within the theme of the chosen Bachelor Thesis project,
  4. knows and understands the informatics, the communication technology and the basic laws related to civil and more precisely the structural engineering.
B. Skills
  1. uses with good results the different resources of information related to the project,
  2. makes a bibliographic search and reviews the adequate literatures related to the project,
  3. communicates well in written and in oral with the technical terms, uses the adequate graphical representations,
  4. is able to criticize and use the theoretical knowledge in the preparation of the Bachelor Thesis project.
C. Attitudes
  1. cooperates with his/her tutor(s) during the preparation of the project,
  2. aims to acquire the knowledge of the informatic tools and software,
  3. constantly improves his/her knowledge and is open to the new techniques of information acquirements.
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  1. works independently and responsibly on the project,
  2. works constantly, respects the deadline(s),
  3. accepts with an open mind the founded critics,
  4. uses the systematic approach during the work on the project.
2.3 Methods
The work is directed by the tutor and the help of other consultants is available. The Bachelor Thesis project is mainly an independent work made at home directed by the consultations.
2.4 Course outline
The topic of the Bachelor Thesis project and the details to be developed are individually determined for each student and is stated in the principal description.
The department determines the rules of the preparation of the project, the form and the content of the work in accordance with the Regulations of the University. The department informs the student about these rules.
The above programme is tentative and subject to changes due to calendar variations and other reasons specific to the actual semester. Consult the effective detailed course schedule of the course on the subject website.
2.5 Study materials
Literature related to the topic is to be used, especially those referenced by the tutor.
2.6 Other information
The finished Bachelor Thesis project has to be approved by the tutor and can be delivered personally.
2.7 Consultation

The instructors are available for consultation during their office hours, as advertised on the department website. Special appointments can be requested.

This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2021/2022 semester II

II. Subject requirements

Assessment and evaluation of the learning outcomes
3.1 General rules
The principal description states the topic and the required development of the Bachelor Thesis project. The progress and the development requirements is stated in a consultation dairy kept by the student.
3.2 Assessment methods
The Bachelor Thesis project is the result of a home work directed by the tutor, and driven by consultations. The grade of the Bachelor Thesis project course differs from the diploma grade given by the jury and gives no warranty to obtain the latter. The grade of this course represents mainly the activity of the student during the semester. The diploma grade represents mainly the content of the Bachelor Thesis project.
Evaluation form Abbrev. Assessed learning outcomes
attendance and activity A A.1-A.4; B.1-B.4; C.1-C.3; D.1-D.4

The dates of deadlines of assignments/homework can be found in the detailed course schedule on the subject’s website.
3.3 Evaluation system
Abbreviation Score
A 100%
Total achievable during the semester 100%
Sum 100%
3.4 Requirements and validity of signature
Signature can not be obtained.
3.5 Grading system
According to the Regulations of the University 138 § 5., to the requirements of the course and the regulations of the faculty the tutor determines the grade. The obtention of a minimum of passable grade does not require that the Bachelor Thesis project should be submitted by the end of the semester.
3.6 Retake and repeat
  1. The Bachelor Thesis project can be submitted until 12:00 of the last day of the catch up week by the accord of the tutor. A fee is due.
  2. The attendance and the activity, due to its personal form, cannot be repeated, nor redeemed.
3.7 Estimated workload
Activity Hours/semester
participation at the consultations 28
individual preparation for the project 392
individual acquirement of a referenced written lecture note 30
Sum 450
3.8 Effective date
5 February 2020
This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2021/2022 semester II