Subject Datasheet

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I. Subject Specification

1. Basic Data
1.1 Title
Industrial Practice
1.2 Code
1.3 Type
Module without associated contact hours
1.4 Contact hours
Type Hours/week / (days)
Practice at an industrial company (160)
1.5 Evaluation
Midterm signature
1.6 Credits
1.7 Coordinator
name Dr. Völgyi István
academic rank Associate professor
1.8 Department
Dean's Office
1.9 Website
1.10 Language of instruction
hungarian and english
1.11 Curriculum requirements
Compulsory in the Specialization in Structural Engineering (BSc) programme
1.12 Prerequisites
Strong prerequisites:
  • Steel and Composite Structures (BMEEOHSAS47)
  • RC and Masonry Structures (BMEEOHSAS42)
1.13 Effective date
5 February 2020

2. Objectives and learning outcomes
2.1 Objectives
The aim of the subject is to have practise on the field of the structural engineering. First of all on the field of the execution. The profile of the company (working site) should be compatible with the special field (roads/railways, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering). The working place should be in connection with modern industrial techniques.
2.2 Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, the student:
A. Knowledge
  1. knows the main characteristics of the execution,
  2. knows the important safety and labour safety rules,
  3. knows the most important links between the designer, executer, investor and the members of the engineering company,
  4. knows the mechanism of decisions in the industrial practice,
  5. knows the practice in connection with the methods in the educational material.
B. Skills
  1. the student is able to move and work on the site in safety,
  2. the student knows his way around in the field of execution,
  3. the student is able to assess the effect of his professional decisions,
  4. the student is able to express his thought in written and oral form.
C. Attitudes
  1. The student tries for perfect working and professional documentation,
  2. tries for perfect perform of his commission.
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  1. The student is able to assess the different responsibility levels related to the different positions, and assess his own responsibility. The student takes on his responsibility in written contracts.
  2. The student works as a member of a working group. He works together with his colleges and collaborates by solving the problems.
2.3 Methods
Pick up knowledges during prior education, and working on the site.
2.4 Course outline
The students have individual working plan. There is no general course outline.
The above programme is tentative and subject to changes due to calendar variations and other reasons specific to the actual semester. Consult the effective detailed course schedule of the course on the subject website.
2.5 Study materials
There is no general study material
2.6 Other information
Equipment is ensured by the company.
2.7 Consultation

No consultation is needed.

This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2023/2024 semester II

II. Subject requirements

Assessment and evaluation of the learning outcomes
3.1 General rules
The assessment of the learning outcomes specified in clause 2.2. above and the evaluation of student performance occurs via essay written by the student.
3.2 Assessment methods
Evaluation form Abbreviation Assessed learning outcomes
essay (summary evaluation) TAN A.1-A.5; B.1-B.4; C.1-C.2; D.1-D.2

The dates of deadlines of assignments/homework can be found in the detailed course schedule on the subject’s website.
3.3 Evaluation system
Abbreviation Score
TAN 100%
Sum 100%
The student cannot pass the subject if the essay is uploaded late or the essay does not prove that the requirements are met.
3.4 Requirements and validity of signature
The subject is passed if
  • the company is confirmed by the department before starting the practice,
  • the total practice time is worked out,
  • uploading the confirmation of the practice and the essay (see requirements) in time.
3.5 Grading system
No grade.
3.6 Retake and repeat
No retake.
3.7 Estimated workload
Activity Hours/semester
practice and preparing documents 160 hours (240 hours (6 weeks) if the student starts after 01.09.2017)
3.8 Effective date
5 February 2020
This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
2023/2024 semester II