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I. Subject Specification

1. Basic Data
1.1 Title
Különleges építőanyagok
1.2 Code
1.3 Type
Module with associated contact hours
1.4 Contact hours
Type Hours/week / (days)
Lecture 2
1.5 Evaluation
1.6 Credits
1.7 Coordinator
name Dr. Balázs L. György
academic rank Professor
email balazs.gyorgy@emk.bme.hu
1.8 Department
Department of Construction Materials and Technologies
1.9 Website
1.10 Language of instruction
hungarian and english
1.11 Curriculum requirements
1.12 Prerequisites
1.13 Effective date
1 September 2017

2. Objectives and learning outcomes
2.1 Objectives

The main objective of the subject is to impart up-to-date knowledge about new construction materials that are the results of recent developments and the goals of further research.

2.2 Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, the student:
A. Knowledge
  1. Able to understand the role and purpose of application of the advanced construction materials in the system of the well-known materials.
  2. Able to understand the micro- and macrostructural behaviour of the advanced construction materials by the physical and chemical explanations.
  3. Able to understand how the application of the advanced materials will influence the service life of structures.
B. Skills
  1. Able to recognize and identify the advantages of advanced construction materials.
  2. Able to compare the service life of the structures made of ordinary or advanced materials.
C. Attitudes
  1. Continuously expands his/her knowledge.
  2. Strives for accurate and error-free problem recognition and evaluation.
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  1. Able to work independently.
  2. Accepts critical comments.
2.3 Methods

Lectures, individual learning

2.4 Course outline
HétElőadások és gyakorlatok témaköre
1.Introduction. Why and how can construction materials and technologies be further developed? / Dr. Balázs L. György
2.Strengthening Materials and Methods I. / Balázs L. György
3.Strengthening Materials and Methods II. / Dr. Sólyom Sándor
4.Micromechanics of FRP and its constituents I.-II. / Dr. Balázs L. György
5.Fire - advanced materials I. / Dr. Lublóy Éva
6.Fire - advanced materials II. / Dr. Lublóy Éva
7.Advanced Materials – LWAC, Recycling in Concrete I. / Dr. Nemes Rita
8.Advanced Materials – LWAC, Recycling in Concrete II. / Dr. Nemes Rita
9.Advanced glass materials in construction / Dr. Nehme Kinga
10.Concrete as radiation protection / Dr. Nehme Salem
11.Zero cement concrete / Dr. Kopecskó Katalin
12.Advanced materials in road construction / Dr. Fenyvesi Olivér
13.Shape Memory Alloys / Dr. Balázs L. György
14.3D-printed concrete in construction / Dr. Sólyom Sándor - Dr. Balázs L. György

The above programme is tentative and subject to changes due to calendar variations and other reasons specific to the actual semester. Consult the effective detailed course schedule of the course on the subject website.
2.5 Study materials

The presentations and other advised sources are uploaded.

2.6 Other information
2.7 Consultation

At a pre-arranged time (via e-mail):


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II. Subject requirements

Assessment and evaluation of the learning outcomes
3.1 General rules
3.2 Assessment methods
Teljesítményértékelés neve (típus)JeleÉrtékelt tanulási eredmények
ExamEA.1-A.3; B.1-B.2; C.1-C.2; D.1-D.2;

The dates of deadlines of assignments/homework can be found in the detailed course schedule on the subject’s website.
3.3 Evaluation system
3.4 Requirements and validity of signature


3.5 Grading system
ÉrdemjegyPontszám (P)
jeles (5)85-100
jó (4)74-84
közepes (3)63-73
elégséges (2)50-62
elégtelen (1)0-49
3.6 Retake and repeat

Possible in the examination period.

3.7 Estimated workload
Individual learning for the exam62
3.8 Effective date
1 September 2017
This Subject Datasheet is valid for:
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