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We had to adjust the registration to the field course in 2021. Since that time, even this year, the field course belongs to the fall semester. Thus, students do not need to register in the Neptun system for the field course during the registration period of the spring semester. 

Registration will be done in the moodle system later on, in the second part of the education period. All students will be informed in time. At the moment, we kindly ask students' patience and understanding.

The field course is going to be held at Endre Németh Field Course and Education Center, at Göd, in the summer the exam period. Two slots are going to be held:

  • 22-30 June
  • 03-11 July

All the students do have the opportunity to take part, even those who got the signature in the previous years but have not yet completed the field course for whatever reason.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 March 2023, 11:41 AM